Welcome to Château les Rambauds

Memorable wines have been produced here since 1960. But the vineyards growing

at Château les Rambauds are over a century old!

                 Good wines age well and can be laid down.

With each year that passes, each vintage makes that year a memorable one.

We continue to produce wines of character which have come to be highly regarded.

They embody our philosophy of producing wines which have character and elegance.




We are a family business which allows us to combine traditional working methods with a modern infrastructure. At our property,

the cultivation of the vines and the process of wine-making are done in the most natural way possible.  


Our priorities are twofold:

Controlling grape production per vine and the respect of nature.

We guarantee full traceability from the grape to the bottle. Bernard Cazade produces and assembles

Château les Rambauds’ wines with passion and enthusiasm. All our wines are bottled in the

Chateau’s own cellars.




*alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health