Our History :

My grandparents, who were farmers for more than 40 years, decided in 1912 to purchase a property and they moved from mixed farming into wine growing. Many years later, my parents extended the property in 1968 Château les Rambauds was born.

It was at this time that the first bottles of carefully made wine arrived on the market.

Today, my brother and I own this beautiful property. With the help of my wife,

we try to perpetuate the family tradition at Château les Rambauds with a single aim

and philosophy: to preserve and protect our cherished heritage.



For 3 generations, we have been continuing the wine-growing traditions, while carefully

selecting our grapevarieties. We carry out the wine-making process ourselves,

through love of this trade, passed down by ourparents and grandparents.

Art, passion and experience transform the grape juice into the noble wine of

Château les Rambauds.





The Cazade vineyards are located 40 kilometers from Saint-Emilion and 30 kilometers from Sauternes.

We are surrounded by famous ”appellations”. But we are also fortunate enough to be included in the

prestigious “Appellation Bordeaux Supérieur Contrôlée” and “Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée”.

Our location with its climate and soil gives Château les Rambauds’ wine its specific character: a full body

and a taste and texture of its own.

In 2002, we were granted the certificate for integrated agriculture which has been renewed regularly

by the certifying body “Ocacia Organisme Certificateur”.