Château les rambauds: the varieties offered by the “terroir”

Our geographical situation along with its climate and soil provide Chateau Les Rambauds

wines with a character of their own, in terms of both their taste and body.

At Château les Rambauds, the vines are crowned with a thick, rich vegetation

and surrounded by well-preserved woods, characteristic of a soil rich in minerals

and organic components which gives our wines a flavour of their own with a mineral

earthiness, that is not to be found elsewhere.


The quality of our wines is also based on the use of 3 grape varieties:

-          The Merlot for its early maturity and ripeness which gives the wine its roundness

and mellow texture. Its softness and fruitiness make it one of the most renowned grape varieties.

-          The Cabernet Sauvignon which gives the wine its beautiful deep colour and its rich,

robust, velvety texture, and produces a full-bodied wine.

-          And finally, the Cot (Malbec) for its fruitiness, and because it is rich in tannins and colour.